Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I define my practice as Interdisciplinary. In my art I combine a multitude of elements in order to encourage dialogue between the viewers and the work, frequently challenging the viewers to explore with me ideas of identity, ancestry and cultural practice.

In the topics and themes I examine through performance, sculpture and or installation and sometimes all of the above; I aim at creating a space where the viewer is confronted with thought provoking visuals, sounds and scents. Often challenging the viewer to investigate their own Identity, as well as examining the relationship that their ancestry and cultural practices relates to that of mine.

Although my methodology is quite consistent, the materials that I consider with each project are crucial in determining the message that I intend to deliver. My work often juxtaposes aspects of traditional aboriginal art forms and contemporary work.

Elmiet (2010) was an example of creating the tension between the artist and the viewer all the while encouraging public participation. My next body of work will examine the present generations urgency to ascertain the relationship between Aboriginal person and the natural resources employed in traditional art production.

Artist Statement
Curriculum Vitae

Image: Kim Anderson (Basket Weaving Performance Kamloops)